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Shane Announces ‘You & Me’ Tour.

This morning Shane announced the dates to his first solo tour, called ‘You & Me’ Tour.

Look at the picture below to see if Shane will be coming to a City/Town near you.

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Fan Pre-sale will start Monday, so join Shane’s mailing list to get your tickets first.

Good luck everyone and we hope you get a ticket.


Shane Filan: “I used to cry every night on tour”

Softie admits wife Gillian is his rock

Shane Filan with wife<br />
Gillian and kids Patrick and Nicole

Shane Filan has admitted he used to cry when he was on the road because he missed his family.

The bankrupt star, 34, admitted to being a bit of a softie when it comes to his wife and children – especially when they were very young.

Shane, who is now kick-starting a solo career under the guidance of former Westlife manager Louis Walsh, said: “Many’s the time I bawled my eyes out.

“I’d been away for nearly four weeks and it was triggered by the song I’m Already There, which was the Lone Star cover that we did.

“I remember recording the song and it’s literally about talking to your daughter on the phone and how much you miss her and you can smell her hair and all this crack.

“And I’m going, ‘Oh my God.’ It was a terrible time.” I once broke down in the studio, I literally started crying my eyes out.”

And throughout the breakup of Westlife, his family’s permanent move to the UK and his subsequent bankruptcy, he has leaned heavily on his wife Gillian for support.

In an interview with the Sunday Independent, Shane revealed: “Gillian is my absolute rock. She is rare. What we have is rare.”

The discovery he could write and that his record label would invest big money in him, was a crucial step towards restoring his pride after a tough year.

Shane said: “My songs now about my wife, or they’re about my outlook on life – my new optimistic outlook.”

Life’s silver lining for Shane Filan

Shane Filan faced the humiliation of a very public bankruptcy, but he survived and is back with a solo album

After 14 years spent belting out ballads from an arena stage, you might expect Shane Filan to have done the predictable thing when it ended; put the white suits in storage before disappearing off to a comfortable life getting paunchy and playing PlayStation. After all, by the time he and the rest of Westlife sang Flying Without Wings one last time at Croke Park, they had 12 hit albums under their belts. They’d travelled the world, serenaded millions of screaming fans.

But when Shane stepped off the stage that night in June last year, it was to face the sobering reality of total bankruptcy. He’d been in debt to the tune of €23m and had been forced through the humiliating ritual of heading to court to say he couldn’t pay. All the funds he’d accrued over years with one of the world’s biggest boy bands, lost in the crash.

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‘Close to penniless’ Westlife star Shane Filan had to buy wedding ring back from banks

WESTLIFE star Shane Filan had less than €500 in his bank account despite performing in three sell-out gigs in Croke Park.

The star also spoke of how he had to buy back his wedding ring from the banks.

Speaking this morning, Shane (34) said he had just €470 to his name when he finished Westlife’s farewell tour in Croke Park last June.

The father-of-three, who married wife Gillian in 2003, told 2FM’s Ryan Tubridy that he was in a “scary place”.

“We had just sold out three gigs at Croke Park and I realised only had €470 in my account,” he said.

“I was close to penniless.”

Just a week before playing Croke Park, Shane declared himself bankrupt in the UK with debts of €23m.

He was discharged from bankruptcy in the UK last month, but has no plans to make a return to Ireland.

During the height of his stardom, Filan had borrowed hefty loans from the bank in order to bolster a number of property investments.

But the economic downturn affected him badly.

“Within months, it went completely pear-shaped,” he said.

Filan negotiated with the banks, but was unable to make and declared bankruptcy in the UK.

Although this was the “last thing” the star wanted to do, he said: “I needed to sit down and make this right to some extent. I had three very young kids and a wife to support.”

Filan declined to reveal the actual price of his wedding ring that received much attention at the time. It was rumoured to cost in the region of €39,000.

“I’d rather not say. But I had to either hand it over or buy it back. You don’t expect to pay for your wedding ring twice.”

Filan plans to address the tough times he’s been through on his new career-reviving solo record.

The singer recently signed a €1m deal with Capitol Records and his first single will be released soon.


Filan tricked Cowell at Westlife auditions

Former Westlife star turned solo-artist Shane Filan joined Ryan Tubridy live on 2fm this morning to talk about his new single Everything to Me.

Shane Filan tricked Simon Cowell during the Westlife auditions

Filan also went back to basics and spoke about his Westlife audition, revealing that he had to trick Simon Cowell into liking him.

Speaking to Tubridy about the incident, the 34-year-old said: “We auditioned in the Westbury in town. I remember we got the train up that morning. We sang Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) by the Backstreet Boys song. After the audition Louis stayed in the room and chatted to Simon. Then Louis came back out and he was freaking out.

“He actually slapped me in the face. Not too hard, but he just lost the plot completely. Louis said ‘What were you doing? I was counting on you . . . you were terrible!’”

Shane added: “I did a bad audition. I was very nervous”.

Filan admitted that he was devastated when Cowell told Louis that he didn’t want him in the band, adding: “I started crying. I was like ‘oh no my life is over. I can’t believe I messed it up.’ Then Louis said ‘It’s okay. We’ll grow your hair long. We’ll dye it and we’ll bring you back in two months.’”

Filan added: “So I went into Peter Mark in Dublin and dyed my hair blonde and grew it long. I went back two months later and Simon was there. He said to Louis ‘Who’s the new guy? I really like him.’”

To which Louis replied: “‘I got rid of that other guy, he was terrible. I found this new guy last week.’”


Ex-Westlife Shane Filan announces “very personal” debut solo single.

Shane Filan has announced details of his debut solo single.
The former Westlife frontman will release ‘Everything To Me’ on August 25 via Capitol Records.

Shane Filan

The track was written by Filan and Nick Atkinson (Gabrielle Aplin) and produced by Grammy award-winning producer Martin Terefe (Jason Mraz, Train).

“I am incredibly excited to have joined Capitol Records, and being back in the studio in London and Nashville recording new songs has been amazing,” Filan said in a statement.

“Working on solo material is something I had always dreamed of doing, and I’m incredibly happy with the results. ‘Everything To Me’ is a very personal song to me lyrically; it is such an upbeat and optimistic record, perfect for the summer. I can’t wait for people to hear it!”

The song serves as the lead track to his upcoming EP, which features a further three songs penned by the star. His as-yet-untitled debut album follows later this year.

The singer recently admitted that he was ”so excited” for the public to hear his solo material.

The track listing for his new EP appears below:

1. Everything To Me
2. Everytime
3. Once
4. Today’s Not Yesterday


Shane has a good Filan about his new single.

Former Westlife star joins Ryan Tubridy for an outdoor radio heatwave special.

How many will Shane sell? Hundreds of thousands?

Solo star Shane Filan put a smile on everyone’s face when he made a special guest appearance at RTE radio today.

And he wasn’t the only celeb in the grounds of Montrose as Louis Walsh, Mary Byrne and weather girl Nuala Carey put in an appearance for the special Filan Friday on 2fm’s Ryan Tubridy Show.

Shane delighted fans who turned out to catch a glimpse of their idol – and got to hear his new solo single Everything To Me.


Shane On Irelands 98fm.

Shane Filan talks bankruptcy & going solo on 98fm.

Listen to the interview HERE

Shane Filan is getting ready to go solo after over 10 years with Westlife.  His debut single “Everything to Me” is released on August 23rd with an album to follow later on this year.

It’s been a really tough couple of years for Shane who went bankrupt after investing in a number of properties in Sligo where he lost around $23 million.  He’s been chatting to 98FM’s Siobhan O’Connor and says although it’s been a difficult time, it’s made him realize what really matters in life.

He said “I saw a lot of negative stuff for a long time when everything went pear-shaped but then stopped and realized what I have.  Three beautiful healthy children, a beautiful wife – an amazing wife and an amazing marriage and I have my voice.  That’s all I need.  If I can get some sort of career out of this and look after them, that’s all I need because I had all the other stuff and it wasn’t a happy time.  It adds a lot of pressure and life gets a lot more serious when you have a bit of money.  You start thinking you need to invest it in case the band ends and so I did that.  I invested in property in Sligo, my hometown, thinking it was the right thing to do.  And I lost it all”.


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